Breath taking online-only banking.

East One Banking takes banking to the next level with incredible customer support, low fees, and a groudbreaking banking panel.

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Why Choose East One Banking?

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Easy to Use

Our banking panel is elegant, simple, intuitive, easy to use, groundbreaking magic. We're out of Apple-esque words, maybe they can sell us another picturebook.

Grow the Money

Even GME investors will be jealous of you.

Secure Money

We secure your moneys in a big cool underground bunker surrounded by actual walls of fire. We've been bringing new meaning to the word Firewall since 2016.

Secure Banking Panel

Whenever you need to get your money out of the big bunker surrounded by walls of fire, we give you a secure banking panel.

East One Banking is Incredible

With East One Banking, you can bank from anywhere anytime anyplace anyhow from anydevice running anyos.

Breathtaking Feautres

Bank with confidence & conversion using our banking panel.

We're not quite sure what that sentence means (how do you bank with conversion?), but it sounds fancy.

Incredibly intuitive.

Easy one-click support via live chat.


We will support you throughout your money journey.

We're not quite sure what a money journey is, let's find out together!

Two boxes sitting on top of each other

The wifi icon but rotated to an angle for some reason

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